Saturday, April 4th, 2020
Cathedral Catholic High School

5555 Del Mar Heights Rd. SD CA 92130

Teams from around the San Diego and Southern California Region are eligible to compete at the Regional Competition for a seat at the 2020 International SeaPerch Challenge.

       See you in 2020!



SeaPerch San Diego's goal is to provide a fun, educational and safe competition to distinguish the teams that qualify for the National Competition. We feel all competitors should have ownership of their ROV and do all their own work.  Competitors (not coaches) must attend to all conflict resolution during competition. This will ensure the learning benefits will truly be earned by the kids. As in the past, we will do our best to follow the rules passed down to us from the National SeaPerch organization. However, SeaPerch San Diego has some variations from Nationals.  For example, every team will have the opportunity to present their Engineering Notebook to the judges. Please refer to link below for detailed rules, regulations and vehicle compliance.



Details about the competition:

  • Check In:  Check in will be held outside of the Cathedral Catholic HS pool from 9AM to 10AM.  Lane assignments and competition times will be assigned upon arrival.

  • Registration Fees: Once you've registered above, please bring check or money order made out to The Maritime Alliance. Fee is $40 (after 3/15) for each team competing from your school/organization.

    • 3 HS and/or 3 MS teams only. 

  • Compliance Check: ROV will be checked upon arrival. Be prepared to show receipts to prove $20 or less was spent beyond the cost of the standard SeaPerch kit. The National’s standard on the cost of 3D printed materials of $0.05 per ounce.

  • Location: Cathedral Catholic High School - 5555 Del Mar Heights Road SD CA 92130

  • Scored Events:

    Pool Events: Obstacle Course & Challenge (see above for rules)
    • Engineering Notebook (2X). Please bring 2 copies of the team Engineering Notebook, scanned and printed. (One to be scored for content and the original to be presented to judges) 

    • Presentation: Teams will be required to present their Engineering Notebook to judges. Notebooks should be handwritten and brought to the competition.